Crazy Question For You...

If You Had A Magic Wand That Would
Find More Than $100,000 In Additional Revenue For ANY Business...

Would It Help You Add MORE Clients?

Would It Help You RETAIN Your Clients?

We ARE The Magic Wand And We WouldLike To Help You Attract New Clients
While Simultaneously Helping Your Current Clients Dramatically
Increase Their Revenue and Profits.

We Will Do This WITHOUT Asking The Business To spend
An Additional CENT On Advertising And Marketing!

The most successful B2B's we deal with have two major objectives. First, help their clients grow and build successful businesses... and second, continuously attract new clients for their own business.

If this sounds like you then we would like to help you with both of these objectives.

My company specializes in helping businesses increase their revenue and profits exponentially. In working with hundreds of small business owners, we’ve discovered 5 areas that are continuously neglected and generally overlooked by most businesses. By applying specific business growth strategies to these 5 areas, we can find more than $100,000 in additional revenue for ANY business... no matter what they do.

And we can find them this additional revenue in less than 45 minutes... guaranteed!

Could you make money with such a "wand"?

In addition to adding new clients and keeping your existing clients longer, becoming a Joint Venture (JV) partner with us will add an additional income stream with very little additional time and effort required. Expected JV earnings are 100K+ per year on a part time basis. Become our JV partner and we’ll do all the work but split our fees with you 50/50 just for pointing a business owner in our direction. Most of our JVs use this as an “added value” or "bolt on" to what they are already doing in the B2B area.

Imagine being able to offer $100,000 of new found profits to businesses! We typically charge our clients a monthly retainer plus a percentage of the backend profits of which you receive HALF!

Want proof we get results?

Below are two case studies. The first is a moving company we took from near bankruptcy to being sold for 2.3M in 9 months. Had this moving company been your referral, you would have received approximately $200,000 for simply making the referral. We do ALL the work!

Second, is a chiropractor we added 500K in 12 months. Had this chiropractor been your referral, you would have received approximately $50,000!

Did I mention a GUARANTEE above?

YES I did! We have our famous 100K guarantee. As we tell our clients “If we don’t put an additional 100K per year in your pockets…you don’t put anything in ours”!

How can we offer such a guarantee?

Over the last 25 years we’ve helped more than 10,000 businesses, in 24 countries, and 400 different industries….our system works EVERY time it's followed.

I hope you will consider working together to help the business owners in your community. Timing is of the essence on this, as we only work with one JV per area. If you would like to discuss our offer, or simply obtain additional information... just click the link below to my online calendar, find a time that works for you and we’ll chat.

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Dedicated to your success!

Scott Walker
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Author of the highly acclaimed book "Taking Your Business Further....FASTER! Fast, proven, easy to implement strategies to out-perform, out-maneuver and out-profit your competition immediately!”
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